Uncover the Conspiracy: early card game concept

I am developing a two-player, asymmetrical card game where one player attempts to conceal a conspiracy and the other tries to reveal it.

The Believer: “You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know that there’s something missing. From the very beginning, you’ve been manipulated and deceived. There’s a conspiracy, and you’re going to find it.”

The Plotter: “If the world knew this secret, there’s no telling how bad the fallout would be. You must use every dirty trick you know to keep this information private. It’s your job to prevent any nosy investigators from getting close to the truth.”

I have an idea on how the mechanics for this game could work, but everything is very rough, and I would love to get some feedback from experienced game developers.


  1. Assign roles of Believer and Plotter. If you can’t decide, flip a coin.
  2. The Plotter chooses one Conspiracy card at random.
  3. Separate Investigation and Deception cards and shuffle each deck. Deal out N face up piles of each type of card.
  4. Separate Clue and Cover cards and shuffle each deck.
  5. The believer draws N Clue cards. The plotter draws N Cover cards. The Believer plays first.


  • Believer’s Goal: force the Plotter to reveal his conspiracy card.
  • Plotter’s Goal: force the Believer to run out of clues.

If either one of these goals is achieved, the game ends.

Game Play

Believer’s turn:

  1. play 1 or more Clue cards
  2. play Investigation card(s),
  3. draw any new Clues earned.

Plotter’s turn:

  1. play 1 or more Cover cards
  2. play Deception card(s),
  3. draw 1 new Cover card.

The Clue and Cover cards would act like an in-game currency. The Believer’s Investigation cards would help her guess the conspiracy or improve her odds at guessing. The Plotter’s Deception cards would devalue clues and block investigations. I haven’t decided how these cards work. The Deception cards may reduce the value of clues or prevent the Believer from guessing the Conspiracy. Investigation cards might allow the Believer to gain more Clues, interrogate the Plotter, or eliminate possible Conspiracies from the pool.

If you’re interested in the project and want to hear more about its development, send me a message or tweet @nhelmholdt.