Challenging the Commuters

The Clean Energy Coalition crew and our bike rack.

Today I biked into work for the first day of the Ann Arbor Commuter Challenge (a program of getDowntown). Through May, downtown workers are competing to walk, bike, bus, and carpool into town. The winning companies get prizes for their participation.

Through an unusually warm March and April I biked just under 100 miles, mostly between home and work. My round trip is 11 miles, mostly along Packard where a wide bike lane lets me achieve a consistent speed. I also have to navigate winding residential streets and heavy downtown traffic. My commute ends on a very busy section of North Main near the Argo dam. (Some of my coworkers have suggested kayaking along the Huron river as an alternative commute!)

My goal is to bike to work as often as possible through the month of May. There are twenty two work days in the month, and I am committing to bike as often as possible. When that’s not feasible, I am going to try to share a ride with coworkers on my side of town. I will try to keep updates flowing on my Twitter account @NHelmholdt for those of you who want to keep score.

May is Bike to Work Month – something you can take part in even if you don’t work in Ann Arbor.

How do you get to work? Go ahead and check all the choices that apply for your job.

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