Pint Craft – Lets Make Stuff!

In preparation for the Michigan Summer Beer Festival, I am making some promotional items for Pint Craft. I will use the laser engraver at Maker Works to make cork coasters and engraved bottle openers. I am also printing some shirts for the Pint Craft pioneers who helped me develop this game from day one. (The shirts are printed by Skreened on American Apparel organic cotton.)

Pint Craft now has its own facebook and twitter account. If you are interested in the game, I suggest you join up on one (or both!) of these social media platforms. The more people who express interest at this point, the more copies I will be able to print later on.

I am working with Blue Panther LLC to produce a prototype game copy. If the quality meets my standards then I should be able to offer volume pricing to breweries around the country.