Announcing “Pint Craft” a Card Game

Play testing at Corner Brewery.

Last night at Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti – several of my friends tested out a demo version of a card game that I developed named MicroBrew Pint Craft. (Thanks to a recommendation from my friend Dave, I   changed the name of this game to Pint Craft.) Over the past three months, I have  worked closely with my friend Eric (a brewer of beers) on fleshing out this concept. This is the first time I have ever developed a game.

The premise is that each player attempts to put new craft beer recipes on tap. To earn the ingredients required for the recipe the players build up their brewery’s operations. Every round of play corresponds to a season – and brewers who have seasonal beers on tap get additional ingredients as a reward. Every beer recipe has a corresponding value in pints (I couldn’t help myself with that pun). For the game pictured above with six brewers, the first to reach twelve pints wins. (Games with fewer brewers have a higher pint threshold to win.) Continue reading